Sarah Sanders Wore a Hat With a Message to Texas That is Unleashing Buckets of Liberal Tears

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump visited Texas to lend support to those suffering from the horrific and deadly flooding and storms caused by Hurricane Harvey.

As with everything that Trump does, the trip proved controversial. One of the major and more absurd points of controversy had to do, strangely enough, with fashion. At the very beginning of the day, First Lady Melania Trump was criticized for wearing stiletto heels leaving the White House.

Many ran with the fake news that Melania was wearing stilettos in a flood zone. As it turns out, the first lady owns more than one pair of shoes and deplaned in Texas wearing a white pair of sneakers. President Trump was seen throughout the day wearing a hat emblazoned with “USA” on it.

Many criticized the president for wearing campaign gear during the trip. The “USA” hats are for sale for $40. And Melania’s shoes were not the only eyebrow-raising fashion choices she made that day.

Melania also wore, for the first time, a FLOTUS hat, to rave reviews.

However, in all the chaos of the day and with the outpouring of tragic and harrowing stories coming out of Texas, it would be easy to miss one of the boldest fashion choices made by anyone in the entire administration. Indeed, the hat worn by mild-mannered press secretary Sarah Sanders might have won the day.

According to a tweet by Politico White House reporter Josh Dawsey, Sanders wore this hat aboard Air Force One: Make America Texas

Dawsey says in his tweet that the hat was a gift from someone in Texas and that Texans seem to “love” the press secretary.

Some of the commenters online did not love the message that the hat sent:

Some did:

Like all fashion, whether you like it is really in the eye of the beholder.

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1 Comment

  1. Eddie Goodman

    August 31, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    Another Spicer……………

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