Clinton Aide Remains Married to Pedophile for Immunity

This week a report broke that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, and her estranged husband, disgraced former Democrat politician Anthony Weiner, have called off plans to seek a divorce via the court system.

However, while statements from their lawyers “cited the scandal-plagued couple’s desire to protect their 6-year-old son by settling outside court,” as reported by Page Six, the real reason for this sudden change in plans could be more sinister.

According to legal experts cited by Page Six, Abedin may have chosen to call off the divorce with Weiner so as to prevent him from testifying against her if the FBI reopens its investigation into the Clinton email scandal.

During another investigation two years ago into Weiner over allegations he had sexted with a 15-year-old girl, the FBI discovered work-related emails — including classified State Department documents — from Abedin on the since-convicted former Democrat senator’s laptop.

If the FBI reopens the Clinton probe — and The Hill confirmed that the Justice Department is “exploring whether any issues from that probe should be re-opened” — Weiner might be called to testify against Abedin.

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But according to family law expert Michael Stutman, the couple could avoid this dilemma by remaining married, which is what he suspects they really plan to do — especially since court approval is mandatory for a divorce to be legally binding.

“Stutman, a prominent Manhattan divorce lawyer who’s not involved in the case, speculated that Weiner and Abedin might want to stay married to invoke spousal immunity,” Page Six reported.

New York law specifically states that a spouse cannot be “required to disclose a confidential communication made by one or the other during the marriage.”

“He easily could be called in by a grand jury to testify against her, so by dropping the lawsuit, he can exercise the marital privilege,” said marriage attorney Suzanne Bracker.

Do you think this move is designed to protect Hillary Clinton?

“When you’re married to someone, you cannot be compelled to testify against them,” she added.

Is this Abedin and Weiner’s real plan? There’s no way to confirm it, though it certainly fits Clinton’s modus operandi.

In fact, Daniel Greenfield suspects that Clinton is what this is all truly about.

“(S)ince any serious investigation of Hillary has to go through Huma, staying married to Weiner also protects Hillary Clinton,” he noted for FrontPage Magazine.

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Is it clever? Yes. Is it disgusting? Yes. Is it Clintonian? Absolutely.

This is simply how Clinton and her closest associates have always behaved, so why wouldn’t they behave that way again?

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