Hannity Crushes Juan Williams For Spreading Lie About His Relationship With Michael Cohen

The mainstream media has been reporting on a ‘bombshell’ that Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has a connection with President Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen. Even though the story is totally bogus, that didn’t stop Juan Williams from pushing it. But then Sean Hannity crushed him and the rest of the mainstream media.

“The question for me is why Sean didn’t disclose this earlier. Because, in the previous — Sean says there’s no third parties, obviously referring to the idea that Cohen was setting up payments to women for Trump and for Elliot Brody, the guy who’s the RNC donor. And we just — I don’t think there’s any evidence of anything like that with Sean Hannity. But, why, when Sean was on the air, strongly an advocate for President Trump, not saying, ‘Hey, I’ve got a relationship with the lawyer,’ I think that’s a question,” said Juan Williams.

However, Sean Hannity addressed all these points. “Let me set the record straight. Here’s the truth. Michael Cohen never represented me in any legal matter. I never retained his services. I never received an invoice,” said Hannity.

“I never paid Michael Cohen for legal fees. I did have occasional brief conversations with Michael Cohen, he’s a great attorney, about legal questions I had, where I was looking for input and perspective. My discussions with Michael Cohen never rose to any level that I needed to tell anyone that I was asking him questions,” said Hannity.

“And to be absolutely clear, they never involved any matter, any — sorry to disappoint so many — matter between me, a third party, a third group at all… My questions exclusively almost focused on real estate,” revealed Hannity.

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