Jackie Mason Crushes Mueller For His Glaring “Sex Problem”

Legendary comedian Jackie Mason exposes Robert Mueller for the glaring ‘sex problem’ he has been showing ever since he started investigating Trump. First Mason started talking about why the FBI seems to be focusing on Trump’s relationship with Stormy Daniels more than Russia.

“The story is supposed to be that Donald Trump was involved with a certain girl, who’s a sexy type of girl, with big boobs and a hot body, and she was supposedly paid off $130,000… what does this got to do with Russia? The story was supposed to be about Russia,” said Mason.

“So Robert Mueller, who couldn’t find anything about Russian collusion — because that was an invented story that went on for a year and accomplished nothing — he said to himself, ‘Since I can’t accomplish nothing because I’m too stupid to keep investigating the Russia problem, what am I gonna do for a living?’” said Mason.

“Now he was out of work, so he decided a porn star was the main problem,” Mason points out.

“You know what I think? We should figure out why Mueller has such a sex problem. That’s the real problem here. His sex problem should be investigated. I know what to do. We should have a Special Counsel investigating Mueller’s sex problem,” said Mason. Do you think he’s right?

Source: Comedian Jackie Mason on Mueller’s ‘sex problem’ by BPR

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