Syrian Refugee Who Survived 2013 Chemical Attack Decimates Obama in Bombshell Interview

It was a Democrat disgrace.

When then-President Barack Obama reacted to a 2013 chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government by backing away from his own “red line”  and failing to punish the Assad regime, it helped set the Middle East on a course of war and refugees that’s plaguing the world today.

Now, a survivor of that attack on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta is trumpeting President Donald Trump’s decidedly different responses to new Assad regime atrocities, and delivering a message all Americans should hear.

The missile strikes on Syrian chemical weapons sites Friday by the American, British and French militaries was a stark demonstration of what it means when the president in the White House is willing to back up his words with force, Kassem Eid, a Syrian refugee now living in the United States, told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday.

“It means the world to me. Because I’ve been looking up for the United States as a role model (of) freedom and democracy, just like millions, maybe billions of people around the world who live under dictatorship,” Eid told host Brian Kilmeade.

“U.S. strikes against Assad meant the world to us, because it showed us that the United States actually cared, and the bad days of Obama’s inaction are over — hopefully forever.”

For Democrats who’ve tried to position themselves as protectors of Syrian refugees against alleged racism from Trump and his supporters, those words had to be galling.

There’s no doubt that world governments’ views of the Trump administration are considerably different from how they saw Obama.

Should the United States be getting more involved in Syria’s civil war?

Obama dithered and contradicted himself in Afghanistan, stabbed Israel in the back in the United Nations, and tried to appease the Islamic terrorists of Tehran with the deceitful Iran nuclear deal.

But in terms of the immediate impact on innocent civilians, and his country’s own image of strength, Obama’s craven behavior when it came to the Syrian “red line” was arguably the worst disgrace of all.

Trump, meanwhile, has been doing exactly the opposite.

He unloosed the American military in Afghanistan, officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and could well be pulling out of the Iran deal in May, as Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker told CBS in March.

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As Eid told Kilmeade, “the days of Obama inaction are over.”

That’s a message all Americans need to hear.

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